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The one and only world of dental technicians.

I have been involved in orthodontic techniques for twenty years. I worked at E-LINE Orthodontics, Takemoto Orthodontics, a pioneer of lingual orthodontics in Japan, and gained the technique of lingual orthodontics and its knowledge by Dr. Takemoto’s practical guidance. I launched tm-ortho in 2005 and introduced the E-Line System in 2017. as only laboratory utilizing the E-Line System in Japan.

We feature both excellent lingual and labial orthodontics products and techniques. Lingual orthodontic procedures require more difficult techniques than labial orthodontic techniques. We are especially proficient in lingual orthodontic techniques with more than 20 years career. We can apply the techniques to handle labial orthodontics.
We are actively introducing digital devices which are excellent for making precise measurement and improving work efficiency. However, we have recently reaffirmed the advantages of plaster. In case of delicate tooth arrangements, we can check and confirm it by finger inspection of the plaster. As a result, the accuracy automatically improves and better outcomes should be realized. Therefore, it’s best to make full use of digital devices while paying attention to human senses to make up for any shortcomings.
It is said that human fingers can sense a tactile difference as little as 3 microns.
In particular, the delicacy and the dexterity of Japanese hands have a worldwide reputation. We are firmly convinced that we Japanese are excellent in the field of dental technology. Furthermore, dental technician is a national qualification in Japan. It proves the high level of their techniques.

The world of dental technicians is a custom-made world that is tailored to each patient, and no one is the same.Almost all patients are not aware of the existence of a dental technician since the creator is completely invisible.However, if the technical products cannot be provided, any dental treatment will not be able to be carried out.Given this fact, it can be said that we dental technicians have a great responsibility to fulfill.

After receiving an order and delivering a product, it takes several years to obtain a result. It is a little frustrating that the product we made are not evaluated immediately. We take great pride in providing consistently high quality technical products with attention to detail and sincerely responding to the problems faced by doctors. tm-ortho promises never to disappoint customers.

Representative of tm-ortho
Takahiro Mochizuki

* E-line System
Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo of Italy developed a digital lingual orthodontic system exclusive for ALIAS/STb brackets to simplify the workflow of the doctors as much as possible

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