Our support for
various technologies

We provide a variety of techniques for labial and lingual orthodontics, including the E-Line system.

  • Having been involved in E-Line Orthodontics, which can be said to be a pioneer method of lingual orthodontics.We have acquired lingual orthodontic techniques which require special skills and knowledge. We are confident in exercising these techniques. Having introduced the E-Line digital setup system in 2017, and as the only laboratory utilizing this system in Japan, we are compatible with the latest ALIAS, STb and most conventional brackets.
  • Even in the case of labial orthodontics, we recommend to doctors the introduction of a guide core that dramatically improves the accuracy of treatment and at the same time reduces their burden.
    As labial orthodontics allows us to see and understand the condition of the surface of the teeth, installing the device itself is less difficult compared to lingual orthodontics. However, it is essential to create a setup model and confirm the condition carefully to secure the correct positioning and to further improve the quality of treatments.
  • Also in labial treatment, using a guide core shortens the mounting time and avoids the subtle deviation of freehand positioning. It can also minimize the wire bending during treatment and final adjustment. That leads to reducing the burden on doctors. Therefore, our guide core is a great advantage, not only for patients but also for doctors.

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